As in music and also in painting, the fact is not to reproduce or invent, it is to capture the forces."
-Gilles Deleuze

Seven sculptures is a project dealing with virtual figures deformed by the photographs' location and time data. A standart human figure is deformed using algortihmically generated images. These images which are called procedurals are mostly used for creating realistic texture maps for 3D models and every procedural map kind has its' own parameters.

In this project the numeric input of the parameters and kind of procedural maps are determined by the photographs' location(longitude, latitude) and time data(H:M:S, D.M.Y taken from EXIF). Using the black and white value of the images generated, a base human model's vertices were displaced.

Using algorithms for every input of a procedural, unique virtual sculptures were (de)formed.

Naming of each work is based on the formula:
First two letter of the continent + LongitudeLatitude + HourMinuteSecond + DayMonthYear + First letters of the photo owner

Credits for photographs:
Eli Duke: Australia, North America, Antartica
Murat Gürüz: South America
Aksel Studsgarth: Africa