29 May - 27 Jun 2015
My studies are focused on reconstructing and deforming the bodies by either altering the physical conditions in which the entity exists, and/or treating them as test subjects for virtual experiments while reshaping the systems we now have and thus documenting the evolvement in time.

The form of the bodies, the organs, the skeletal and the muscular system we and other living forms have in common is in a relationship with the environmental conditions by which we are surrounded. We are surrounded by physical impacts to which we are already adapted, like gravity, pressure or temperature. As method, I am willing to observe and document the deformation of bodily forms while these forces are being altered as one method. As for another method, which is close to the conditions of physical abnormality, I am trying to observe how the surface anatomy will react, resist and reshape while the inner systems -muscular, skeletal, tissue etc.- are behaving differently from the way they are accustomed to.

“Above the Clavicle” is the first part of my observation of bodily forms concentrating mostly on the human surface anatomy of the head and neck area, resulting in portraits. My endeavour is not only to document the physical changes but also to capture the emotional state of the subjects under various conditions.

Thanks to Esen Karol for the poster design and Atıf Akın for the article on my works.

Download PDF Booklet of the Exhibition

Photographs by Gökay Çatak